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ashe county history
Long before a group of brave European settlers came to the mountain wilderness that is now Ashe County North Carolina, the lands that make up the area were inhabited by several tribes of American Indians. Cherokee, Creek, and Shawnee Indians are known to have lived in the area that is now Ashe County NC, utilizing the area's abundant wildlife and teeming streams. Ashe County NC was a stop on a rural Indian road that was used to transport buffalo herds from the coastal and mountain region to Tennessee and Kentucky. The road that travels up and around Bald Mountain is now called Buffalo Road as it follows the same paths that the Indians once traversed.

In the mid 1700's, a group of brave settlers, mostly Scotch, Irish or German, established themselves in the hollows of Ashe County NC. In 1749, it was Peter Jefferson who led a surveying party to find a boundary between North Carolina and Virginia. A few years later, in 1752, Bishop August Spangenberg, the head of the Moravian Church of America, visited Ashe County in search of land for settlement. His visit was marked as the first recorded visit. The later settlers hunted and trapped in the area and proved to be hard working as winters were especially cold. One famous hunter, Daniel Boone led expeditions, as did David Helton. Ashe County's first land deed is dated 1773, and in 1799, Ashe County became its own county. The county's seat, Jefferson, was then named Jeffersonton after Thomas Jefferson, who was Vice President of the United States during this time.

During the Civil War, Ashe County became a place of refuge for a group of African Americans that had escaped their slave masters. The area in Ashe County known as Mulatto Mountain was the African American hide out during this time. Many of the local European families did not agree with the South's position in the war and took on the task of looking after the runaways. In fact, many of the mountain communities of the Blue Ridge were found to be in opposition with the South's position in the war and several used political means to voice their opinions.

In the early 1900's, the Virginia Creeper Railroad came to Ashe County in the form of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company. This vastly improved the transportation of goods to the mountain regions and Ashe County's communities became booming railroad and logging communities. For 62 years, the railroad company operated in Ashe County and helped to bring many industries to the region. In addition to the farming of wheat, rye, fruits, vegetables, cattle, and even dairy and cheese products, Ashe County was once home to a mining company in the late 1800's. Ore Knob was a copper mine and was possibly the best known mine at one time. In the early to mid 1900's, other manufacturing industries came to Ashe County and employed many including: Knox Knitting Company, Peerless Hosiery Company, P.H. Hanes Knitting Company, Gates Rubber Company, Southern Devices, Leviton Manufacturing, and Jefferson Apparel.

In 1977, the Ashe County Airport was constructed and boasted a 4,300 foot runway capable of facilitating the small and medium sized jets owned by executives of these companies. Making transportation easy, West Jefferson became a manufacturing hub in Western NC and contributed to the overall exponential economic growth that the area experienced.

Today, Ashe County is an adorable, flourishing mountain region found along the North Carolina and Virginia border. Home to communities like West Jefferson, Glendale Springs, Todd, Fleetwood, and Lansing, Ashe County North Carolina is a one of a kind place, with a one of a kind history. Our Ashe County Real Estate Agents and Ashe County Realtors grew up in the area and know a great deal about the local history. We can help you find affordable Ashe County Real Estate and homes for sale in West Jefferson, Jefferson, Lansing, Todd, Fleetwood, Crumpler, Creston, Warrensville, and Glendale Springs. Allow Regency Properties to be your expert Ashe County Realtor today! We look forward to welcoming you to the area.

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