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Prior to the 20th century, Ashe Country citizens subsided on hunting, trapping and fishing in the area’s rich wilderness and abundant streams. In 1915, the Norfolk and Western Railway Company vastly improved the transportation of goods to the mountain regions and Ashe County's communities became booming railroad and logging communities. For 62 years, the railroad company operated in Ashe County NC and helped bring many industries to the region. In addition to the farming of wheat, rye, fruits, vegetables, cattle, and even dairy and cheese products, Ashe County was once home to a mining company in the late 1800's. Ore Knob, a copper mine, was possibly the best known mine in the Southeast at that time. In the early to mid 1900's, other manufacturing industries came to Ashe County including Knox Knitting Company, Peerless Hosiery Company, P.H. Hanes Knitting Company, Gates Rubber Company, Southern Devices, Leviton Manufacturing, and Jefferson Apparel. These early industries provided hundreds of jobs to Ashe County citizens. Ashe County also enjoyed growth in the cattle and dairy industry in the early 1900s. The Kraft-Phoenix Creamery settled in West Jefferson in the 1930s and is still functioning today as the Ashe County Cheese Plant. Ashe County Cheese is the only cheese factory of its kind in North Carolina.

Ashe County today is growing to meet the demands of a modern economy and has experienced a positive job growth rate of 1.34 percent. In 2007, Ashe County’s population had grown 4.57 percent since 2000. These statistics point to the growing community and economy in Ashe County. In addition to factory and manufacturing jobs, which comprise approximately 35% of jobs, Ashe County is recognized as the largest producer of Christmas trees in the Eastern United State. Bringing $55 million into the Ashe County economy, Ashe County tree farms provide over 700 local jobs year round and 1,500 jobs during the tree harvest season. Ashe County Schools operate one high school, one middle school and four elementary schools. The schools and healthcare in Ashe County continually provide excellent employment year after year. Just down the road from Ashe County, Appalachian State University employs nearly 1,000 faculty members and over 1,000 staff.

Due to the rising value of Ashe County Real Estate and the growing recognition of our county’s beauty land with high recreational appeal, the construction sector in Ashe County is on the rise, accounting for 10% of the labor force. Service and retail comprises 15-17% respectively and local Government Jobs Ashe County NC equate to 13% of Ashe County’s workforce. Ashe County is a traditional mountain county full of rich heritage and history of a community working together.

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