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Three Necessary Things to Do Before Listing Your Home on the Market

With the markets finally turning around, more and more people are listing their homes for sale these days. Getting your home ready for a listing can be expensive, time consuming, and all around annoying. If you take the right steps though, it really shouldnít be too hard. If youíre getting ready to sell your home, make sure youíre efficient in the prep and youíll be stress free all the way through the closing date. Follow these steps to make sure your home selling experience goes as smooth as possible.

Prep the Interior

To make sure your home gets top dollar, spend some time and money sprucing up the interior. It needs to appear as simple as possible, especially if you decide that you donít want to have spend money on rental furniture while showing the house. Move as much as you can into a storage unit. It shouldnít be hard to find a unit in your area that fits everything you need; just use a website like< and youíll quickly find one. Moving a lot of your furniture and excess stuff into a storage unit will also save you time when you eventually move into your new home.

After youíve moved your excess stuff into a storage unit, have somebody come in and rearrange your furniture. You donít necessarily have to pay for a professional interior decorator, as long as you get multiple opinions on the furniture layout in your home you should be okay. Donít skimp on the repairs and touch-ups to your home either; if you think that a room needs a new coat of paint you should add it. Doing everything to make the interior of your home more appealing will pay off during the open houses.

Prep the Exterior

If the outside of your home doesnít look like itís in tiptop shape, why would prospective buyers even stop by to take a look at the inside? Make sure you spend a lot of resources on making the outside of your home look beautiful. Clean your gutters, reseal your driveway, and if necessary re-shingle your roof<.

Consider adding something to your yard to make it more inviting to prospective buyers, such as a few potted plants or large shrubs. Try and spend as little money as possible, but make sure that you donít skimp on areas requiring need. Whatever you invest in making the exterior of your home look more appealing will likely make your home sell more quickly, so make sure you do some work to it.

Remove Your Belongings

If you plan on taking the microwave, laundry machines, or any other type of appliance than you should remove it before the open house begins. If a prospective buyer sees something inside of the open house, they will automatically assume that it comes with the house and will likely lower their asking price if told otherwise. Avoid this awkward situation by removing whatever it is you plan to take with you to your new home. If you need to replace some necessary items in the home then do so, but donít leave anything you want for yourself.

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