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What to choose for hunting: Spotting scope or digital binocular?

An avid hunter knows that whether he will come back with the prey, or fail largely depends on the equipment. Currently spotting scopes are gaining more and more popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. The range of magnification is much greater than that of binoculars. Compact and lightweight spotting scope ensures that you will always be able to see the target, even if the object is far away from you.

When is spotting scope more helpful than binocular?

There are occasions when an ordinary binocular with an approximate increase of 7-10 does not provide the necessary magnification and image clarity. In such a situation a spotting scope will be helpful. This optical device provides the greater magnification, makes it possible to see a target at extreme distances, where binocular is powerless. Usually a spotting scope offers magnification from 15 to 45 or from 20 to 60 and used with a tripod for image stability. Spyglass will let you watch the animals from a distance, which is inaccessible for binoculars.

Which spheres can a spotting scope be successfully used in?

Spotting scopes are ideal for:

  • hunting,
  • observation of animals and birds,
  • the study of nature,
  • for the entry-level of astronomy.

Which types of spotting scopes are there?

Spotting scopes differ by both magnification and the design. There are two basic types of constructions - straight and angled. Direct construction: axis is parallel to the eyepiece. Angled construction: eyepiece is rejected by 45 degrees, which refracts the light line. Each type of design has its pros cons. Here there are some advantages of each design:


  • easier to share with the group,
  • ability to use a shortened tripod,
  • less noticeable on the background of nature.


  • easier to handle,
  • perfectly suitable for beginners,
  • useful for observing animals lying.

What are the advantages of using spotting scopes?

  • The most important advantage of a scope to binoculars is an opportunity to see even the smallest objects at a great distance.
  • There is a chance to consider an individual animal in a large herd. Imagine the little lion cub, drinking mother's milk, or a rare black deer lost in the herd.
  • See the elusive animal. Some animals come in certain places only for a few hours per year, and are often in motion. With a scope you can catch those unique moments.

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