Ashe County North Carolina - Glendale Springs, Lansing NC, Crumpler NC
lansing, crumpler, glendale springs and warrensville
Lansing NC is a small municipality of Ashe County NC. Located in the rugged northeastern section of the county, Lansing's numerous homesites feature long range views that span for miles and miles. Like Todd NC, Lansing NC was a small rural community until the Norfolk and Western Railroad brought new settlers to the area in 1914. From that moment, Lansing NC thrived as a railroad and mining town until an early morning in the 1930’s when much of the little village was destroyed by fire. After a second large scale fire in the 1940’s, Lansing NC decided to create a volunteer fire department and has remained free from fire hazards to this day. Today, Lansing NC is a quaint and rural town set against breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain peaks. The railroad shut down after the mining operations left, and Lansing NC returned to the charming small town it was at the 20th century. Every year in September, Lansing NC hosts the Greater Lansing Area Festival featuring plenty of food, fun and crafts. If you are interested in learning more about Lansing NC, browse the beautiful Ashe County Real Estate for sale in Lansing NC and contact us today.

Situated between the gorgeous waters of the South Fork of the New River and the pristine wilderness of the Blue Ridge Parkway is the adorable community of Glendale Springs. Filled with unique places like the Ashe County Churches of the Frescoes, where artist Ben Long painted his famous religious murals, Glendale Springs is not only a picturesque community but one that has a long tradition of providing artistic inspiration. Find affordable Ashe County Real Estate and browse our listings in Glendale Springs.

Crumpler, located along NC Highway 16, is another one of the Ashe County’s more renowned unincorporated communities. It lies east of Warrensville and northeast of Jefferson and rests at an elevation of only 2,559 feet. This region of Ashe County is one of the premier areas to buy Western North Carolina Mountain Property as it is still largely undeveloped. If you are interested in Land for Sale in Ashe County, check out the Ashe County Real Estate listings in Crumpler for some great large tracts. Also, unincorporated is the town of Warrensville North Carolina. Warrensville North Carolina is a growing region of Ashe County and is located at the intersection of NC Highways 88 and 194. This region was formerly called Buffalo Creek, as the creek in the area follows Buffalo Road. Buffalo Road was a famous dirt highway that early settlers used to transport goods and items back and forth from Ashe County in northwestern North Carolina and areas in Eastern Tennessee.

Ashe County is a remarkable place to live or relocate to. When you own Western North Carolina Mountain Property in Ashe County North Carolina, you will enjoy having a place to escape and getaway to for years to come. We can help you purchase a North Carolina Log Cabin for Sale in one of the most preserved regions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Learn more about this phenomenal region and browse our information on the history of Ashe County, the great job opportunities available, and the great Ashe County NC Schools and healthcare. As Realtors serving Ashe County, Alleghany County North Carolina and locations in Watauga, our experienced agents are here to help you.

Looking to move to the Ashe County area? We've compiled some helpful resources for relocating to this region. Check this section for detailed information about several of the communities in and around the Ashe County area. When you've made Ashe County your home, here is some information about all the great activities and recreation.

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